Pickled Wieners – Newfoundland Style


Our Newfoundland Style Pickled Wieners are a number-one seller in Newfoundland. We use Lesters® bar-style wieners, and according to Mr. Lester we are the only sellers of Newfoundland Style Pickled Wieners in Ontario.
12 wieners per jar.

For those of you that are not close to any of our retail partners, we will ship our products to you anywhere in Ontario, Canada if your order is a minimum $160.  Feel free to mix and match your order.  For orders under $160 please contact me to arrange a shipping method.



Krazy Dan’s Wieners are very versatile because you can take them anywhere. We only use quality Lester ® wieners that are cooked in our secret red sauce made in our local pickle-works in Luneburg, Ontario. They are shelf stable so they don’t need to be refrigerated and can be served warm or cold. They make great appetizers or are good on the barbecue and go great with beer! They also make the perfect gift.


Pork, beef, chicken, white vinegar, water, pickling spice.
12 wieners per jar.